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The Beer Industry: Top Trends Over The Next 5 Years

The Beer Industry: Top Trends Over The Next 5 Years

The beer industry is one of the most exciting and interesting industries out there. Plus free samples are a perk of the job! As a product that constantly has to innovate and adapt to consumer demands, it’s essential to be on the lookout for emerging trends.

So today we’ll look at the top trends in the beer industry over the next five years, helping you understand exactly how the industry will change and how you can be proactive now before it’s too late...

Craft beer is booming!

Make no mistake, the craft beer industry is expected to continue to grow over the next five years. The Brewers Association predicts craft beer will account for 20 percent of the beer market by 2020. As consumer tastes in beer mature, there’s a demand for a wider range of tastes and flavours of craft beer.

Consumers want creative, unique flavours that are differentiated from the standard range of beers commercially available.

Gluten Free

With gluten free products rising to mainstream supermarkets across the globe recently, it was only a matter of time before it would affect the beer industry. Gluten free beers will soon become readily available and that trend will rapidly grow over the next five years, as gluten free diets increase in popularity and consumers search for a more health conscious beer.

Consumers don’t want to compromise on taste either if they’re paying a premium. They therefore expect a gluten free beer that still tastes great.


The beer industry has never been so saturated, it’s a competitive market with a plethora of products that’s almost overwhelming. That’s both good and bad. Whilst beer is so high in demand, there’s also a lot of competition. So what does this mean for beer breweries?...

Now more than ever, beer breweries should start thinking about how to differentiate their business from competitors. A unique selling point is vital because it will be the difference between building a brand customers are loyal to or simply selling a product that consumers quickly forget.

Some key ways to differentiate the product might include the following:

  • A unique taste of beer - e.g. innovative flavours, sweet ingredients, completely unique recipe
  • Packaging and branding style - e.g. branding targeted at hipsters, a memorable brand name, a unique feel to your website, even a completely unique promotional product!
  • A company ethos or set of values e.g. being health conscious, using organic ingredients, locally sourced etc.


Staying ahead of your competition and understanding your industry is essential, so with the above tips and trends you should now know exactly how the beer industry is changing and what you can do about it now to be proactive.

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